A Cutting Edge Approach to Physical Therapy

We are challenging the current health care system.

A typical outpatient physical therapy clinic in our current health care system runs on volume and is “reactionary”.  Therapists make money by seeing high volumes of clients for short periods of time and allocating “overseeing exercises” to non-professional employees.

At Rock Health & Wellness, we are challenging what is and taking physical therapy to the next level.  We respect our title of Doctors of Physical Therapy and experts in musculoskeletal conditions.  Denise & George have achieved the designation of  orthopedic and neurological specialists respectively and are highly regarded in the field of physical therapy,  Every minute of a client’s treatment session is spent one on one with their PT, providing the highest level of care.  We are fully equipped to not only treat those with injury but provide “wellness and preventative” care for those who want to maintain the highest levels of mobility.

We specialize in evaluating patterns of musculoskeletal and biomechanical imbalance.  We specialize in sports training and high level athletic training.  We utilize manual therapy, Graston technique, joint mobilization, massage, sports specific training, and functional movement exercise.

Each session thoroughly assesses body mechanics, functional movement, areas of mobility restriction, and methodology to optimize performance.

We anticipate immediate improvement after your first physical therapy session.  Our goal is to get your better fast!!  We anticipate quick results due to quality care and with this approach, our clients are never disappointed.



“There is absolutely no comparing Denise to other physical therapists I have seen. She goes above and beyond to not only attend to the issue at hand, but to identify what could be causing the problem and addresses how to mediate that cause. Denise is thorough and I never felt rushed through an appointment. I also know that Denise takes pride in continuing to learn and grow in her field through research and professional development opportunities. She delivers top notch services and always has a smile that makes you feel welcome and taken care of.” –Laura Czvornyek

“Saw Denise for several weeks after going to a franchise physical therapist for over a year and the difference was clear from day one. Her hands on approach, immense knowledge of the body and drive to make you feel better is immeasurable. Would recommend her to anyone with question.” –Nick Calhoun

“I highly recommend Rock Health & Wellness and Denise for physical therapy!. She has treated me for running-related hip injuries. Her manual therapy is MAGIC. Denise is super knowledgeable and always learning more. She really cares about getting you better and back to what you want to do (for me, running), making you stronger and pain free, and looking at the big picture of your general wellness. As a Mom and runner herself, she “gets it” — flexible hours, nutrition advice, realistic goals and therapy homework, etc. You will never feel rushed with her and she’s just fun to be around, sharing her smile and positive attitude.” –Jen Hinger

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