If you are looking for someone to walk alongside you on your journey to achieve your personal health and wellness goals, then do not look further.  Denise is incredibly knowledgeable about various aspects of health but she also brings unmatched compassion, making her the perfect combination to be your health coach.  She will customize your program for your individual needs. Personally, I have struggled with PCOS, a joint endocrine and reproductive disorder for almost 10 years.  I’ve dealt with many symptoms during this time but the most troublesome have been absent menstrual cycles and elevated blood sugar.  By incorporating the small manageable diet and lifestyle changes at Denise’s suggestions my cycles are now regular and my blood sugar levels have returned to normal limits.  Denise helped me make small goals each week that were easily attainable but also goals that built on each other for long lasting results. Instead of fad diets where everything is taken away, Denise works with you individually to make small changes which ADD healthy things into your diet.  By instructing clients in this way, you never feel like it is overwhelming, you just feel good both physically and emotionally as you work towards your best self.  I cannot recommend Denise enough.