Healthy Happy Holidays-Health Coaching 21 Day Venture

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer’s market

When we envision the holiday season, most of us are searching for an ideal that we never achieve.  We imagine belly laughs with people that we love.  We imagine deep relationships and growing connections.  We imagine looking and feeling our best.  Unfortunately, as the month of December comes upon us, somehow our priorities get flip flopped.  We buy gifts to express our love instead of spending quality time with others. We then stress over finances and don’t sleep well.  We then start down the slippery slope of not eating well, not feeling well, not acting well, and not loving ourselves or others well.  Once you’re in it, it’s so hard to get out of this vicious cycle.  First things first, let’s start with real food for real energy and investment in real relationships.  This 21 day health coaching venture is about eliminating the fake and unnecessary parts of our lives.  The fake food, the fake thoughts, the fake relationships–the time sucks.  We need to invest in authentic food, authentic relationships, authentic hobbies, and authentic altruism towards the world.  Are you with me???  Our venture will include 4 health coaching calls with emailed recordings, a daily email with recipe ideas and inspiration, and a team building and encouraging Facebook page.  Let’s make this December the best month of the year!

If you’re interested in signing up, email with “Happy Healthy Holidays I’m in” in the subject line. Include your full name, preferred email, and 3 goals of this 21 day program.

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